The Drone Hopper TechnologyA unique mix of combustion and electric engines

The drone hopper technology

Drones, Quadcopters and Octocopters Are Perfectly Suited For
The Purposes Of Aerial Inspections

Information highway will close the loop on focusing
solely on the bottom line.
– Rectangular shape Hexacopter
– Water tank in landing gear
Nebulization System
– Low water release height
– Up to 5 times more efficient at extinguishing fire
Power plant system
– 6 Combustion engines for lifting
– 4+2 Electrical engines for control and guidance
Attitude control
– Primary: Aerodynamic surfaces
– Secondary: Cross Hybrid System

Battery Technology is just not good enough

Current battery technology has a low lift/weight ratio that doesn’t allow heavy duty applications to take off. The Drone Hopper solution is to use a mix of combustion engines for lift and electric engines for control, that guarantees the perfect performance for heavy-duty applications.

european commision

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 880642

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