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Drone Hopper is working as a member in several national and international R&D projects, consortiums and industrial collaborations 

h2020 project european commission

The EU-funded WILDHOPPER project is a developing a heavy-duty multirotor drone for forest and urban firefighting. The WILDHOPPER´s 600-litre platform means it has enough lifting power to do more than fire monitoring and allows covering night operations.  

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faster project

The EU-Funded FASTER project will examine the impact and the role first responders can have in cases of disasters. It will take into consideration the entire lifecycle of emergency preparedness and response, including the planing, logistical support, maintenance and diagnostics, training and management. The ultimate aim of the project is to support the European Union´s ability to respond the emergencies. 

ris3 project

The project is based on autonomous and advanced outdoor perception through computer vision sensors, where an intelligent aerial platform will perform complete coverage tasks for the protection and surveillance of facilities using computer vision algorithms.