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7 August 2018by DroneHopper0

Drone Hopper is a Spanish startup founded in September 2015 with the purpose of designing and manufacturing high capacity drones for wildfire suppression and agriculture operations.
Their first large milestone was the creation of the first Urban Hopper prototype with a 300 liter capacity for extinguishing wildfires. Given the versatility of the drones a second 80 liter design was created with capabilities of extinguishing fires, but specialized in precision farming.
The second major milestone was the incorporation of a team with a multidisciplinary background thanks to participation in ESA BIC Comunidad de Madrid, cofinanced by the (ESA) European Space Agency and the Comunidad de Madrid and coordinated by the foundation for knowledge madri+d.
The next milestone, July of this year, will be the realization of flight tests The next large milestone will be in August of this year will be the realization of flight tests with our 80 liter drone. The conditions of operation and small fire extinctions will be among the parameters of the measured. It will be a great step to beginning the commercialization strategy of our drones. Because of this we would like to thank the Colegio Oficial de Ingenieros Aeronáuticos de España for recognizing our merit and above all, the work we have accomplished since Pablo Flores – the CEO – began the project.
This recognition brings great motivation to our company and team. We also would like to take the time to congratulate the other participants in this first edition of the Aeronautical Innovation Prize.

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