Flight Test X-QUAD

by Julio Memba | March 5th 2021

Drone Hopper is proud to announce that we have successfully completed the flight phase of our X QUAD platform, a gas engine variable pitch multi rotor. 


by Marco Luna | March 11th 2021

Focused on critical task, in which mission planning time must be minimized, we have developed the DH- Mission Wizard software within GCS (Ground Control Station) environment. 

Operations Department

Twin Engine Test Benches

by Operations Department | May 10 th 2021

Drone Hopper´s Operation Department has developed a Motors Test Bench for V&V.

ESA BIC and Madri+d

by Communication Department | May 24 th 2021

An overview of how ESA BIC incubation coordinated by Madri+d was a crucial boost for Drone Hopper and how important is their function for many entrepreneurs in the Comunidad de Madrid.